(For security and privacy purposes, the identity of the customer has been withheld)

This client was in need of an online system that would automatically read data from a number of bulk fuel plants located across a Midwestern state.  The requirement was that the data and tank levels needed to be read from various systems (Level Devil, Veeder Root, Junge, and Franklin Fuel Systems) and the data needed to be automatically pulled several times a day so that the central office could securely view the loads on line and invoice immediately for the loads.  They also needed the data presentation to be identical for all sites regardless of the system the data came from.

We developed an ASP .Net/DNN based solution that meets 100% of the customer’s request.  In addition to their initial goals, we established an additional process that allowed the customer to identify any shrink.  The tighter control allowed the company’s Controller to closely monitor deliveries into the plants and loads taken out of the plants.  This allowed the Controller to immediately identify any shrink.  With the tighter control, the ability to get accurate tank readings from disparate systems, it was estimated by the client that the ROI occurred within the first week of operation.


Solutions used: ASP.Net, DNN, Level Devil, Veeder Root, Junge, Franklin Fuel Systems, and internally developed solutions

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