(For privacy purposes, the identity of the customer has been withheld)

The cooperative was in need of an online risk management system that would allow for contracts to be entered by field staff in real time in order to reduce the financial risk that is associated with rapidly changing fertilizer pricing. 

We met with the client and identified their business needs.  We then developed an ASP .Net/java based solution that had to address some complex variables based on location, fertilizer type, season, date, and other factors.  It also required that each salesman have their own secure login, the ability to generate a PDF copy of the contract information.  Additionally, the input data needed to be stored in a separate database and it was required an immediate opening of a PDF at completion so the document could be signed on an iPad, saved, and emailed to the customer.

Additionally, the client required a way to manage all mobile applications for their iPad user base.  We performed some additional analysis and implemented a cloud based Mobile Device Management solution called airWatch®.


We delivered on time and under budget.  With the increased pricing control, it was estimated by the client that the ROI for the solution occurred in the first hour of operation and the addition of airwatch® Mobile Device management to their iPad user base reduced their iPad support cost by 75%.


Solutions used: ASP.Net, Java Script, DNN, DocuSign, iPads, airwatch®, and internally developed solutions.  airwatch® is a product of VMWARE®.

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