"Our client's growth and well-being is our growth and well-being."


We make available proactive IT Management to all of our clients. There are no block hours that you need to purchase or unknown service charges. Rather than just showing up when something breaks, with our cloud based IT infrastructure monitoring system we are able to proactively diagnose issues for clients. We get to the root of the issue and address it before it becomes a major problem.  This level of service enables us to do so much more for our Customer.

What are Proactive and Managed Services?

Proactive is where a local or cloud based desktop, laptop, server, or network device is constantly monitored by our servers. If anything starts operating outside of what is predefined as normal, we respond before the issue becomes a problem.

Managed includes the tasks above plus we also deliver services such as regular preventative maintenance, backups, vCIO, and remotely troubleshoot any issues on any contracted device. We are your complete IT Department.

Reduce IT operational costs and
increase IT staff productivity
Automate manual tasks
behind the scenes

Examples: Run defrags, send patch
updates, distribute software, and
execute scripts Desktop policy management

Improve transparency with
tactical and business reporting
Budgetary and capacity planning

Legislative compliance and warranty
Monitoring & management
of the network
Become proactive with access to
real time, 24x7 network information

Deliver higher levels of Service
to users

Managed a distributed architecture
as if it is local

Support and troubleshoot
remotely anytime anywhere
Examples: Desktops, servers,
firewalls, switches, routes, printers

Leverage sophisticated remote
control tools to improve offsite
maintenance, lower response times,
and improve off hours access to

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