Reduce IT costs and risks by moving your business IT infrastructure to the cloud


Digital Transformations offers Hosted Virtual Desktops, Servers, and Storage. We provide a wide range of Cloud hosting services including our fully customizable cloud hosting plans to help companies quickly get into the Cloud. We can support customers with just a handful of users to deployments with hundreds of users in multiple locations using a mix of dedicated servers combined in a secure hosted environment. Our Hosted Cloud Platform allows our customers to utilize ready-to-go virtual desktops and servers to save time and money.

Our Cloud Platform can enable you to quickly and efficiently build a feature-rich cloud that is accessible and compatible with any internet enabled devices running any operating system. It is a turn-key solution based on an open and flexible architecture that is designed to run every application workload at scale and with simplicity.

Why should you make the move to the cloud?

The cloud means freedom and efficiency.  With the cloud, your business can focus on your core goals with better collaboration and current solutions.  Your cloud is scalable so you don’t need to worry about capacities, flexible for when you need it to be, always secure, and accessible from anywhere at any time.

Is your business just getting by with existing systems to run your existing business?  Adopting the cloud, even as an extension of your current environment, is essential. Just ripping out and replacing a working solution doesn’t entirely make sense, but transformation is best way to get your business to the cloud.

IT and business has become increasingly interwoven so it is best to adopt cloud technologies as soon as possible.  Doing so will enable new insights, new innovations, and new ways to interact within and beyond your business.  Additionally, the cloud will enable you to reduce your IT cost and reduce the required resources needed to support your enterprise.

We are your cloud source

Note: We include managed services with all of our private cloud solutions AT NO EXTRA COST. Our managed services include 24×7 performance monitoring, deployment and integration support, and infrastructure maintenance and repairs. We ensure that your local hardware maintains its highest levels of performance, reliability, and compatibility just like we do with your cloud based environment. 


Our fully managed packages provide a number of cloud options that you can choose from.  Call us today at 888.909.4769 and have us move your business or organization to the cloud


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