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DNN Content Management Training

In tandem with the implementation of your DNN based website, Digital Transformation makes available three levels of DNN training to our clients. Depending on what roles you have in your organization (basic content editor, advanced content managers, or internal website administrators that can do it all) or level of support, we instruct each role on how to efficiently and effectively use the robust tools in DNN to manage the site.

Beginning DNN Training

Basic Level 1 DNN Management
Learn the basic management of content, photos, pages

Basic Level 1 DNN Site Administration
Learn manage user accounts, roles and permissions
Advanced I DNN Training

Advanced Level I DNN Management
Advanced Page, File, and Site Management

Advanced Level I DNN Administration
Modules and Pages

Advanced Level I DNN Security
User Roles and Security
Advanced II DNN Training

Advanced Level II DNN Administration
Learn advanced portal and host settings

Advanced Level II DNN Modules 1
Learn the management of Forms Learn how to create custom notifications and events.

Advanced Level II DNN Modules 2
Learn how to manage your storefront. We start by configuring your basic store information and focus on payments, tax, shipping, and of course orders.

Advanced Level II DNN Modules 3
Learn how to manage other custom modules that are used for banners, photos, and other modules.

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